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Matthew 19:26

Dr. Shams. 91 Bey
Dr. Shamsuddin A. Abdul-Hakim Bey, Ord. D.D.
Holy Qur'an
15:87; 1; 27:30; 74:30 - 91 - 109
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  Jesus Truth vs. Falsehoods

The Holy Scriptures for References:

Truths About Christianity UnMasked - {1 John 5:2 & 3 - Matthew 7:7 & 8} - Obey, Seek and Find!

Follow these Scriptures Exactly to Get the Right Meaning of it All.



Please Read Exactly As Directed For A Clear Understanding

{Prov. 1:1 – 7}

            The truth about Christianity is that it is the religion of the Europeans in the way that most of the world knows and accepts it. – {Matt.7:13, 14, Matt.24:4, 5, Matt. 24:24, 2 Tim. 3:1 - 7}

1.            The birth of Jesus (Yehoshua in Hebrew) never happened the way most people believe or the so – called mysterious immaculate conception of an unidentifiable Holy Spirit. – {1 John 4:1 – 3} Both the Holy Bible and Holy Qur’an of Mecca tells us exactly who and what he (the Holy Spirit) actually is, the Arch – Angel Gabriel. {Luke 1:19, Luke 1:26 to 31, Luke 1:35, H.Q. 2:97, 98, H.Q. 16:102}

According to the Holy Bible the Arch – Angel Gabriel came upon Mary (the Virgin), over took, and over shadowed her, had intercourse with her and gave Mary Jesus, her son. - {Luke 1:28, 35} Joseph is known correctly to nearly everyone as the stepfather to Jesus. – {Matt. 1}

2.      The miracles that Jesus performed is true, and acceptable according to each and every version of the scriptures not mattering where it is read. This, because he was a Prophet of the Great God, like all other Prophets, and endowed with miraculous gifts as was most all Prophets of the Scriptures. He was divinely inspired. – {Luke 4:24, and John 10:34, 37}

3.      The disciples he had was taught, learnt, and ordained by him as well. – {Matt.10:1 – 6} Most of the known controversy concerning him (Jesus) centers around these disciples at the time of his encountering opposition. There is a long – line of continuous Scriptural Prophecies that state, that during this time of opposition Jesus had continual assurance of the Creator, as well as much support from his disciples as well that nothing did as Prophesied many places in the Bible and throughout. – { see: the Truth About Christianity, Scriptures listed there } – Luke 22:36, 38, 49, 50.

4.      These facts are so prominent that in fact the Scriptures say that at the end of Jesus’s ministry of teaching the disciples, that he continued on after leaving the disciples to teach, and preach in their cities – {Matt. 11:1}


      If this happened how could he have been crucified as so many in the world believe?

5.      The book of Revelations which explains near the end of Jesus’s life states that, after he lived on in physical form as he was, {1 John 4:1 – 3} that he got old with white wool hair. – {Rev.1:14} – To verify at what age Jesus died remember that Jesus was begot of the Spirit of the Most High God, who in fact as we just read here earlier, turns out to be the Arch – Angel Gabriel. – {Gen. 6:3}

This is the Real True Life of Jesus as recorded throughout the Scriptures.

The stories of anything else is a European Fallacy, put here as the Greatest Story ever told for the Supremacy, and Salvation of the Europeans. It is a falsehood of the ages that was used to invade, conquer Africa, and to help Europe deceive, dominate the entire world nearly, and to keep, own, and control their slave captives. This is a fact with philosophies of this falsehood of theirs, like most everything else they do for them to take control without much effort of retaliation, from those that they conquer and oppress. This being namely the oppression, and blindness of Asiatic Moorish Peoples, whom they named during the time of Slavery 1779 to 1865 as Negro, Black, Colored, and Ethiopian, the first, and original inhabitants of this World and of all the Universe. As we are made from our Father God Allah, and according to the Moorish Holy Koran, the seed is as Perfect as the source of which it came, and a seed is a thought of Allah the Great God.

{MHK – Chapters 1, 38, and 48:6}


The So – Called Betrayal

Judas Supposedly Betrays Jesus

            The supposed betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot did in fact happen, but again not how most people think from listening to Europeans and their supporters doctrines. When Judas went to betray Jesus instead of getting Jesus hanged or supposedly crucified as most have been taught, he (Judas Iscariot) got he him own self hung instead. – {John 13:26, Psalms 7:15, and Matt.27:3 to 10}

            You must remember here too in order to know, and understand, that Paul, {Rom. 3:7, and 2 Cor. 12:11 to 16} along with the Roman Catholic Church – {Matt. 23:1 to 13} who gave most people the Bible as it is today with only 66 books, instead of other additional books that also belong, called the Apocrypha, or dead sea scrolls, is what is amiss or wrong with lies of a crucifixion. – {1 John 2:21, 1 John 2:24, 2 John 6, Matt. 5:17, 18, Matt. 5:19, 1 John 5:2, 3}

            The True Story about Jesus, is that he was born in the flesh, he lived a flesh physical ordinary, or extraordinary life being that he was just not a common man, but a Prophet of God, and he died an old age physical death {1John 4:1-3} because he was born of the Spirit of God, who is the Arch – Angel Gabriel. – {Gen. 6:3 & Luke 1:19, and H.Q. 2:97, 98, H.Q.16:102} These are all the True Facts About Jesus (Yehoshua in Hebrew) the most controversial Prophet of all the Scriptures, and of all history as well. – {Matt. 24:27, Psalms 146:3, John 16:5 to 16} That is why the movie about him (Jesus) is called The Greatest Story Ever Told. – {1John 4:1 – 3, and 2 Tim. 3:1 to 7} Re- read all of this evidence to begin to understand the Scriptures again carefully {Matt. 24:24}. Be careful, Watch, Pray, Seek {Matt. 7:7, 8}, Learn the Truth. {2 Tim. 3:1 to 7, Prov. 1:1 to 7} Jesus was NOT crucified. – H.Q. 4:157

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Abraham From Christianity to Our Moorish Creed

Gen. 16:1 to 11,  Gen. 22:2, Deut. 21:15 to 17, Gen. 17:19, 20

Introduction to Our  Moorish Heritage

Gen. 17:8, Deut. 29:1, Deut. 32:49, Gen. 28:1






John 3:16 to 21, John 5:30,31, John 5:37 to 47

2 Tim. 3:1 to 7 & 2 Tim. 4:1 to 5

Isaiah 9:6,7 (Matt.24:27)

Gal. 3:20 Matt.5:17 to 19 Rev. 1:14,15

Psalms 146:3 Ezekial 5:12

EzekiaI 38:8,21 Matt. 24: 27 Matt. 8 to 11 :1

1 John 4:1-3 Ex. 32:27 Matt. 24:37 to 39

Isaiah 24:5,6 Job 5:15 1 John 2:24

Luke 22:36 Jer. 38:2 to 39:18 2 John 6

Ez. 31: 18 Luke 23:1 Jer. 31:2

2 Peter 1:19~21 Gen. 6:3

Jer. 15:2,9 Luke 2:36 Anna Jer.34:17

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Jer.16:4 EZ.32: 10,20,24-26 Jer.14:13,18

Jer.34:4-6 Amos 9:4 Matt. 2:11,17

Matt.27:23 EZ.32:31-32 Matt. 27:8,34

John 13:20 Psalms 7:15, Matt. 10: 4, Matt. 27: 3-5, EZ.32:24-26

Luke 22 Lev. 26: 7,8 Lev. 26:25

Matt. 26:55 Deut. 13:13 to 15 Matt. 1&2

Deut. 20:12,13 Isaiah 14:19

Psalms 78:62,64 Psalms 45:3

Psalms 76:3 Psalms 37:15 Ez. 17:21

Ez. 5:12 Jer. 51 :50 Ez. 6:8 Ez. 6:12

EZ.7:15 Ez.30:22 Luke 23:1

Matt. 11:1 Luke 22:49 Isaiah 21 :15

801.3:8 Ps.89:43 EZ.32:29-32

Matt.26:36-46 Ez.33:2,6,7 EZ.33:27

EZ.35:8 Hebrews {7 & 8} / Revelations {1 to 5}, Luke 23:33

Iqraa - (96) Isaiah 29: 10 -14 , Isaiah 24: 5,6

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5:17 to 19

John 16:5 to16 Ahmad - Ya'sin (36) Paul> Rom. 3:7

1Cor.2:1, John 8:42 to 45

John 5:30, 31 John 5:37 to 43

2 Cor. 12: 11 to 16, - 2 John 6, H.Q. 7:157

Matthew 7:21 to 23

1 John, 2 John, 3 John


Holy Qur'an 27:30 , Holy Qur'an 2:224

Was Miriam Moses {Musas} Sister?

{Ex. 6:20 Vs. Ex. 15:20}

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It is recommended that these versus be

written down with those that best match them

from this same page. Other references in this

work may be used as well though I feel as

author that the best sense is already on here.

A New Beginning

Seek and Ye Shall Find... (Matthews 6: 33, 7: 7 & 8)

Christaln, Jewish, Truth

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Rev. 2:9 & Rev. 3:9


1- Why Jesus was Not Crucified

Holy Bible and Holy Qur'an

Ezek. ~ Jer. > Zechariah H.Q. 3: 37 to 41 H.Q.

6:85 H.Q.19:2-11 H.Q. 21 :90

2-History and Racism

2Thess. 2:1-4, 2Thess. 2:9-12

Romans 1 & Holy Qur'an 30

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Divine Admonition Insha'Allah

{James 2:26, Matt. 7, Matt. 5:3 - 16, Gal. 5:22, 1 Cor. 13}

Holy Qur'an


Holy Qur'an


Surat An-Nisa

Blacks fighting against Blacks

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