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Oppressive Governmental Documents  Establishing Forced Jurisdiction Illegally Refuting Indigenous Freedom 

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        First, in stating that we people of so-called black, brown, red, and yellow descent have been oppressed, we use the history of past, present, and intentional future of so-called Negroes, and Europeans who do not know who we nor they are as a people, yet forcefully imposing their wills on us. This is a researchable fact backed by all evidences on this subject globally.

        Secondly, and to further continue we as a people of so-called color must recognize the fact that we are the original inhabitants of this entire planet. In other words we people of so-called color are by virtue of originating in so called Africa where even European archeologist have proven is the place where life originates are therefore indigenous. It is to be understood that there is no place else where life even could have began because all European Nations have derived minerals, resources, and labor from the African continent, and the East in order to sustain themselves, enrichen themselves, and in order to survive. Life in general could not exist without the resources of Africa, and the lands where we as original indigenous people have expanded into and been exploited from. These are the reasons for our oppression, and frankly stated the Europeans themselves know that they would not have, and could never survive on our planet without exploiting us, and robbing us of our resources, minerals, labor, and so forth. With these facts presented there is no criminal of any government, nation, or locality any place, any where who has the right at all by any means whatsoever to establish, or enforce any laws any where on anyone being that they themselves (esp. the Europeans, and so-called Negroes) have broken every law in the book by oppressing us, robbing, raping, killing, extorting, and aiding each other in such acts which is why they are the most criminalistic of all. They by means of their very own acts of exploitation, criminality, and oppression, have no right at all to rule over any one, nor establish any such so called governmental documents of their forced jurisdiction on people of so-called color any where on this planet. This is why all such so called governmental documents, except for those freely established by the governance of indigenous people of so-called color themselves are by all means entirely illegal, and therefore null, void, and unenforceable by the contents of its oppressive unwillful enforcements. (Research – Rights of indigenous people, and their history).          *******If and when Indigenous Peoples are afforded their inherent rights to self determination, they can freely determine the course of their existence, their means of survival,  development, and more.

Simply put, self determination is the right of Peoples to have control over the affairs affecting and governing them, including specifically government participation and access to decision-making as well as  the right to determine the political, social, and cultural well being which govern a Peoples.  Indigenous Peoples have for many years been advocating for these rights in their own lands across the globe, and at the United Nations and other international bodies.  In the US sovereignty is used to also describe these rights. 

Self Determination affects a peoples’ ability to:

·          Govern themselves by establishing systems of government which most effectively represent and meet the needs of its peoples;  Secure access to and success in education;  Protect against the patenting of human life and ancestral blood lines; Promote and renew traditional languages and culture; Sustain development of the natural resources found within their existing lands, as opposed to the exploitive destruction which occurs from over development by outside entities;

·          Freely practice religion;  Participate as decision makers in processes which affect the lands, air, peoples and resources within their territory; Raise their children in environments which foster their growth and continued development;

·          Claim Intellectual property rights to systems and life ways that are currently being stolen and claimed as new inventions, patented and the marketed; Develop trade and protection of natural resources; Share with other societies the knowledge which is unique to their peoples, free of misappropriation; Sustain generation after generation of its peoples and ways of  life;


·               Reference:



Authorized Version
Initialed July 28, 1994.
Geneva, Switzerland



AFFIRMING that Indigenous Nations are peoples equal in dignity and rights to all other peoples, while recognizing the right of all individuals and peoples to be different, to consider themselves different, and to be respected as such, CONSIDERING that all peoples contribute to the diversity and richness of civilizations and cultures, which constitute the common heritage of humankind, REAFFIRMING that all doctrines, policies and practices based on or advocating superiority of peoples, groups or individuals on the basis of national origin, racial, religious, ethnic or cultural differences are racist, scientifically false, culturally repugnant, legally invalid, morally condemnable and socially unjust, REAFFIRMING ALSO that Indigenous Nations, in the exercise of their rights, must be free from discrimination of any kind, CONCERNED that many Indigenous Nations have been deprived of their human rights and fundamental freedoms, resulting, inter alia , in the dispossession of their lands, territories and resources, thus obstructing the free exercise, in particular, of the right to development in accordance with each Nation's own needs and interests, RECOGNIZING the urgent need to respect and promote the inherent rights and characteristics of Indigenous Nations, especially the right to lands, territories and resources, which derive from each Nation's culture; aspects of which include spiritual traditions, histories and philosophies, as well as political, economic and social customs and structures, WELCOMING the fact that Indigenous Nations are organizing themselves in order to bring an end to all forms of discrimination and oppression wherever they occur,

CONVINCED that perfecting the control of Indigenous Nations over development decisions affecting them and their lands, territories and resources will enable each Nation to continue to strengthen its institutions, cultures and traditions, as well as to promote self-sustaining development in accordance with its aspirations and needs, RECOGNIZING ALSO that respect for Indigenous Nations' cultures, knowledge and practices contributes to the sustainability of the natural environment and continuity of biological and cultural diversity, EMPHASIZING the need for demilitarization of the lands and territories of Indigenous Nations, which will contribute to peace, economic and social balance, understanding and friendly relations among Nations and between Nations and States of the world, REAFFIRMING that it is vital for indigenous families and communities to retain shared responsibility for the welfare, upbringing, training and education of their children, RECOGNIZING that Nations have the right to determine their own affairs and freely determine their relations with other Nations and States in a spirit of coexistence, mutual benefit and full respect, CONSIDERING that treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements between Nations and between Nations and States are matters of international concern and responsibility; and the peaceful resolution of conflicts and disputes between Nations and between Nations and States is essential to balanced and coexisting relations between peoples,

NOTING that the Charter of the United Nations, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and resolutions and declarations of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples, the Inuit Circumpolar Conference, the International Indian Treaty Council and other international bodies related to these organs affirm the fundamental importance of the right of self-determination of all peoples, by virtue of which they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development, BEARING IN MIND that nothing in this Convention may be used as a pretext to deny any peoples their right of self-determination, ENCOURAGING Nations to comply and seek the compliance of States with the effective implementation of all international instruments, including this Convention, as they apply to Indigenous Nations, in consultation and cooperation with the peoples concerned, BELIEVING that this Convention is an important development in the recognition, promotion and protection of the rights and freedoms of Indigenous Nations, the establishment of coexistence between Nations and between Nations and States, and in the development of relevant activities of the international institutions in this field, SOLEMNLY AFFIRM AND RATIFY IN ACCORDANCE WITH EACH SIGNATORY NATION'S CUSTOMARY PROCESSES the following Principles and Covenants: (Research – United Nations Rights of Indigenous People)